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Atherwood Staff

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Atherwood All*Star Staff Directory

Baker, Alice Fourth/Fifth Grade Teacher
Bloch, Deb Second/Third Grade Teacher
Cobb, Elaine Third Grade Teacher
Curtin, Sue (805) 520-6730 ex.2207 Office Clerk
Danko, Diane Fifth Grade Teacher
Edwards, Brooke Fourth Grade Teacher
Ferber, Sherri Kindergarten Teacher
Fiore, Mary Ann First Grade Teacher
Franklin, Elise First Grade Teacher
Lioy, Lori Third Grade Teacher
McIlheron, Korina Sixth Grade Teacher
Munz, Cathy (805) 520-6730 ex.2206 Office Manager
Murphy, Mary First /Second Grade Teacher
Oliver, Chrissy Kindergarten Teacher
Platt, Sean Principal
Saffro, Jana Third Grade Teacher
Schuster, Diana Second Grade Teacher
Scott, Liz Sixth Grade Teacher
Wells, Pam Fifth Grade Teacher
Wolfson, Gena First Grade Teacher
Yatomi, Carla Kindergarten Teacher